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TESNAT 2016 - Invited Talks

Prof. Dr. Arjan KONING International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
"The TALYS Nuclear Model Code: Status and the Future"
Prof. Dr. Mohamed BELGAID University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB)
"Optimization of Beam Shaping Assembly (BSA) Designed for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)"
Dr. Ahmed AZBOUCHE Nuclear Research Centre of Algerie (NRCA)
"Uses Nuclear Techniques of Radiotracers and INAA of Rare Earth Elements for Soil Erosion Assessment"
Prof. Dr. Ahmet BOZKURT Akdeniz University (AU)
"Computer Simulations of Dosimetric Quantities in Medical and Health Physics"
Prof. Dr. Saleh SULTANSOY TOBB University of Economics & Technology (TOBB)
"Thorium for the Mankind"
Prof. Dr. Aysel KAYIŞ TOPAKSU Cukurova University (CU)
"The CMS Experiment at the CERN LHC"